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 DarkRP's Rule [Eng]

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DarkRP's Rule [Eng] Empty
PostSubject: DarkRP's Rule [Eng]   DarkRP's Rule [Eng] Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 8:44 pm

Darkrp Custom Rule [For English players]

These are the rule that we want you to follow to enjoy your stay.

  • 1) Language:

Because our server is from Vietnam so we will mostly speak Vietnamese, but don't worry, there'll be plenty of English-speaking players Wink If there are more than 25% english speaking player in the server, we will all speak English.

  • 2) Job:

Các Job.



Gun Dealer:

Civil Protection:






Contact Killer:

Drug Dealer:

Freedom Fighter:
mượn của IHaveNoIdea nház Wink

  • 3) Usergroup:

We have a system of different user group from other server. So please check carefully.

User: Guest visits the server, almost any job can't be accessed.

Member: Member who has registered, can access to most job and are human resources of Gmodvn.

Respected: a group of people who got trusted, have access to the tool likely to crash server like Adv dupe, a few commands in the admin menu.

Moderator (Mod): Accessories help admin, with access function to kick, noclip, ....

Admin: Making the most of everything in the server, the server manager present when Owner not there. Use Admin System Monthly Election, as detailed in the section how to be an admin.

Super Admin: It's me bro .. nuff said

Co-owner: Brothers of democracy - Rookie and M.A

Owner: cheers Miller cheers

Detail on how to write an application for each group in the registry sector.

  • 4) NLR:

New Life Rule is a rule for player to be forgiven of whatever they did when they dead. Like if a thief rob s.one and then got killed. The cop have no right to arrest him again when he respawn,...

  • 5) Abuse:

Don't abuse your job, if you don't know what abuse meant.. google it!! This include Job abuse and Admin abuse. You can report Admin abuse in the Report sector. For job abuse, if a chief or mayor is abuse his job, vote to demote him by typing /demote

feww.. that all.. Have fun eh!! For the bonus, if you want i''ll give you a Brazzer HD Porn 2,5 GB
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DarkRP's Rule [Eng]
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