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 How to become a Member!

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How to become a Member! Empty
PostSubject: How to become a Member!   How to become a Member! Icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 6:26 pm

Becoming member and help us to send report about bugs/glitchs and post suggestions!Also to have full access to all jobs!
First,Register or Login and
Copy and create new post and answer then wait for a staff to accept
Steam Name:
Steam ID(REQUIRED to promote if you're offline):
Play cracked Steam or legal Steam:
Your country:
Notice:It might take some times to promote,so please wait!
Another notice:Currently we don't have static IP yet,so please don't add us to your favorite because it can spam your favorite list!If you want to connect please use "connect gmodvn.no-ip.org" in console,if you can't connect then it means the server is currently down or fixing,Thank you
P.S: Invite your friends, we're Cracked Wink

After you done, Read the help topic here sr but Vietnamese for now Sad

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How to become a Member!
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